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Sherry is a great agent! As out of town buyers in the South Florida waterfront luxury market we wanted an agent who could communicate with us effectively and understand our relocation specifications for our home and business.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sherry in connection with early efforts to expand our Spartan Hedge Fund. Sherry's professionalism and integrity was consistently demonstrated starting in our early relationship with Pensco and through our dealings at Spartan. Sherry is truly an expert in the fields of strategic marketing, alternative investments and acquiring capital. When you're lucky enough find someone who has both their head and their heart in your project, you keep them close. Sherry is one of those.

I have met Sherry through Pensco Trust as an Business Development Officer and found her to be very knowledgable in finance. I also found her expertise in raising investment capital for businesses and providing consultation on debt structure. She is a hard working lady and you would be very lucky to have her as your finance consultant. She is a very good resource for IRA investments, capital funding and real estate investments. I would highly recommend her as an employee or a business partner.

I can strongly recommend the services of Sherry Campbell, President of Liaison International Consulting. I have been very pleased with Sherry's services. Her work is more than competent, always compliant with SEC regulations, results driven, honest and responsive. I believe that the results are enhanced considerably by the many relationships she has developed within the financial community.

Sherry has what it takes to research an issue thoroughly, walk the client through all available options, help the client make the correct decision based on solid business fundamentals, and then execute the selected initiative(s) flawlessly. She is a joy to work with!

Sherry proved to be a resourceful and dedicated professional with all she was responsible for. I would highly recommend Sherry as a professional and experienced business person you can rely on.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sherry in the telecom sector. She served as both a consulting role in regards to capital infusion for a start up telecom, Ocius Communications and as a colleague, friend and mentor at MFS Communications before the Worldcom takeover. She is a very hard working, creative individual that works with the attitude of how to get the job done rather than trying to succeed. I would be happy to work with her in the future."

Thanks to the efforts and resources of Liaison International, Charter Digital Media has been approached by a number of public companies seeking to acquire the business. The investor relations campaign developed created by Liaison International in our behalf was a huge success. The team has worked tirelessly with our staff in the areas of marketing and business development. We would recommend Liaison International to any company needing to develop a presence in the financial community.

Sherry was the best! I've worked with other realtors before, but Sherry is outstanding in looking out for her client's best interests. She was very proactive without being pushy - a winning combination. Her knowledge of the buying process is impressive and her willingness to share that knowledge and walk me through each step of the way put me completely at ease. A competent professional and now a trusted friend, I would definitely recommend Sherry Lee Campbell for your real estate needs!

Now that the dust has settled after my cross-country move, I find myself reflecting on how smooth and almost seamless everything went. Working with Sherry Campbell first long-distance via text, email, and phone sorting out my likes and dislikes from the inventory of homes in Central and North Central Florida, then she really had my back when I arrived to make my final selection and put in an offer. I was overwhelmed with how she went to work for me. After my offer was accepted, she really put things in high gear all the way to closing. I appreciate the personal service and will always recommend her to all my friends and family in the future. THANKS SHERRY!

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